Unleash the Power of Clean Email!
KenClean: Supercharge
Your Email Marketing

Cloud-based platform removes invalid addresses, boosting engagement and ROI.

Protect your reputation, validate your emails.

Kenscio's cloud-based platform, accessible via web or API, removes invalid email addresses to ensure clean lists and efficient campaigns.

Free Trial & Credits

Sign up with your corporate email, verify, and get 250 free credits (expire in 90 days).

Thorough Validation

Validate email addresses using various checks like syntax, domain existence, spam traps, and more.

Detailed Reports

Download comprehensive reports after job completion, including valid/invalid addresses and reasons.

Secure & Reliable

Enjoy secure data storage, VAPT reports, and
password policy enforcement.

Unleash the Power of Clean Lists

Powerful Cleaning Tools for Optimal Hygiene. KenClean's user-friendly interface and comprehensive features make it the ideal solution for our email management needs.

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Efficient Email List Maintenance

Efficient email list maintenance improves deliverability rates and enhances email marketing metrics, resulting in more effective communication and better audience engagement.

Seamless Integration with Your System

Seamless integration boosts efficiency by automating tasks and reducing errors, leading to smoother operations and improved productivity.

Customized Solutions for Varied Business Needs:

Customized solutions cater to specific needs, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness, leading to greater client satisfaction and success.

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Total Price:

$0.00 USD

for 250 emails

Our minimum purchase size is 10,000 credits

Sign up and get 250 free credits

Pricing Table

Price Number of credits
Sign up 250 Free credits
$4 10,000 credits
$8 20,000 credits
$20 50,000 credits
$40 100,000 credits
$200 500,000 credits
$400 1,000,000 credits

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